UFO means: Unidentified Flying Object. We can also call them Unidentified Flying Crafts. Whether you believe it or not, Aliens exist and visit our planet regularly. Most of the UFO's are disc shaped as compared to our bird shaped planes because their technology is far more advanced than us. The revolving disc shape creates centripetal force that helps to achieve gravity and speed. There are many secrets and civilizations hidden in our universe.

Long time back in Russia, alien space craft landed in children's park. Aliens height was about 10 to 12 feet with big eyes and hands. The skin was brownish in color. Police officers also reported this event. Russians don't disclose their secrets. World's secrets and confidential files are hidden in Russian libraries. UFOs bases are located in Siberia and in Kamchatka. Russian submarines also located UFO base deep in the ocean. They noticed disc like and dome shaped structures with the help of sonar.

China is communicating the aliens with the help of meditation. Meditation is a powerful and unique method of communicating with the help of universal waves, which can be produced by our brain. In recent years aliens have visited china several times through inter galactic passage known as worm hole. A worm hole is a type of bypass which helps to cover the light air and pascals distances in a very short period.

Egyptians and Aztec civilization worked along with the aliens and created large massive structures, like Pyramids. They considered aliens as Gods.  Aliens used them as slaves and carried out gene mutation process. Human Beings brain is of reptilian nature, as our ancestors were reptilians. they came from far corners of the universe.

SETI (Search For Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) is a kind of research which transmits signals in the universe to search for intelligence.